Decided at age 8 to paint every bird in North America from life, and did.
Sailed a sloop from Maine to Florida by himself.
Twice destroyed his paintings because they weren’t good enough.
Painted 1,200 species with over 3,000 individual birds and over 350 trees and

Published a remarkable 12-volume set of hand-colored prints, Birds and Trees of
North America, each depicting the bird in its natural habitat.
Sold his collection of 874 watercolors to the State of Connecticut in 1941 with the
expectation that a museum would be built to house them.
Lived in “Chickadee Valley” on the border between NY and Kent, CT.
Was one of the founders of the Kent Art Association.

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Rex Brasher Association is to educate the public about Rex
Brasher’s life and his life’s work. This unique collection of bird paintings can
serve to remind the public of the magnificence of the natural environment, its
fragility, and the need to protect it.